Written for Roastmaster Ahrre by Mark Black

The Fair Trade Coffee Company brings over 20 years of experience to its coffee roasting. We are able to produce a vastly superior product and are sure you will think so, too. We custom-roast the raw beans that come in from around the world every few days in small 27 pound batches at our Roastery in Plainfield, NJ, and sell what we roast very quickly. This ensures that the coffee that you get from us will be of the highest quality and taste… every time.

This roasting company was one of the first in the industry when it was started and still is dedicated to selling exclusively fair trade certified products. It is the visible face of an interdependent three-way relationship we like to call the Fair Trade Coffee Trinity. One good way to describe this “Trinity” is to think of it as a well regulated three-way partnership between a Coffee Roaster (that’s us!), a Coffee Importer and many small Coffee-Growing Cooperatives around the world which ensure a living wage for them and a great cup of coffee for you. We carry organic and shade grown coffee, organic tea, support cooperatives, socially responsibles hopping and believe strongly in sustainable development