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Dpdlaw – specializing in NJ Divorce and and NJ family law issues…

People Training – for Soft skills training from a technical professional who knows how about management training for technical professionals and engineers!

Dog Training – guaranteed for life New Jersey Dog Training

Transformation and ontology – Dedicated to the ongoing exploration of ontology , “being” and personal enlightenment and personal transformation. – personal transformation – developed by Joseph Riggio, takes the distinction present in what is known as the Generative Imprint™ Model developed by Roye Fraser, of filtering the world either through an Inhibitory bias (What’s limiting, what’s missing, what’s complex, past and future orientation- living from the past into the present) or an Excitatory bias (What’s possible, what’s present, what’s simple, ‘now’ orientation – living from the future into the present) – .

A Coffee House, Bengali Style

Adda R Golpo – Loosely meaning a cafe (Adda) and (R) relaxed personal conversation (Golpo), it’s a coffeehouse entertainment experience Calcutta style! However, it is certainly not limited to those from that part of the world…

Charleston – Thinking of visting Charleston? Interested in anything Charleston? This is the place!

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