Story Hill is an acoustic/pop duo, less like Simon & Garfunkel and more like a male version of the Indigo Girls! They began in Bozeman, Montana, where Chris Cunningham and John Hermanson grew up and started performing together as teenagers. Both were musical from the get-go, singing with choirs, playing in bands and mastering many musical instruments—piano, guitar, trumpet, violin, harmonica, bass and accordion. Although their 7th grade world geography class is what ostensibly brought them together, it was their musical passions that made them close friends and lifelong musical collaborators.

With airtight harmonies that drive introspective lyrics and innovative arrangements, acoustic folk duo Storyhill proves that relevant, inspiring folk music didn’t end with the likes of Simon & Garfunkel or Loggins & Messina. Over the past 15 years, Storyhill has moved over 50,000 copies of their 12 albums without label support. They continue to tour and manage an online fanbase that’s 10,000 strong (and growing). Recently signed by national label, Red House Records, www.redhouserecords.com Storyhill looks forward to a partnership with one of the most highly respected labels in the business. A February 2007 release of Chris and John’s self-titled CD will be their first Red House project.