Lucy Kaplansky, barely out of high school, took off for New York City. There she found a fertile community of songwriters and performers – Suzanne Vega, John Gorka, Bill Morrissey, Cliff Eberhardt, and others – where she fit right in. With a beautiful flair for harmony, Lucy was everyone’s favorite singing partner, but most often she found herself singing as a duo with Shawn Colvin. People envisioned big things for them; in fact, The New York Times said it was “easy to predict stardom for her.” But then Lucy dropped it all! Lucy left the musical fast track to pursue a doctorate in Psychology!

Upon completing her degree, Dr. Kaplansky took a job at a New York hospital working with chronically mentally ill adults, and also started a private practice. Yet she continued to sing. Lucy was often pulled back into the studio by her friends, (who now had contracts with record labels) wanting her to sing on their albums. She harmonized on Colvin’s Grammy-winning Steady On, on Nanci Griffith’s Lone Star State of Mind and Little Love Affairs, and on four of John Gorka’s albums. She also landed soundtrack credits, singing with Suzanne Vega on Pretty in Pink and with Griffith on The Firm, and several commercial credits. Then Shawn Colvin, who was itching to produce a record, hooked up with Lucy, her ex-singing partner. They went into the studio, and it all came together. When Lucy’s solo tapes got into the hands of Bob Feldman, president of Red House Records, he was blown away. Suddenly, Lucy was back in the music business. She signed with Red House and started playing gigs. Red House released The Tide in 1994 to rave reviews, and within six months Lucy signed with a major booking agency, and began touring so much it required leaving her two psychologist positions behind. Five albums behind her, Lucy rediscovers her musical roots and returns to the more acoustic sound of the music she first fell in love with – folk and classic country. Lucy’s new life as a mother has enhanced the emotional depth of her songwriting. Her sixth album “Over the Hills,” released in Matrch, 2007, explores universal themes of love, joy, loss, and dreams for the future, through reflections on family. The record features guest vocalists Eliza Gilkyson, Buddy Miller, Richard Shindell and Jonatha Brooke. It is pure Americana, wonderfully raw and rich with heartache and hope.