Johnsmith was born in Dewitt, Iowa, where he shared his small town mid-western life (and house) with his two parents, and nine brothers and sisters. The experience of growing up in such a large family nurtured within him a keen awareness of the value of community, and, at the same time, the absolute necessity of solitude.

The idea of ‘just being real’ is a prominent theme throughout his music. In addition to his incomparable musical abilities and finely tuned songwriting skills, Johnsmith possesses the even rarer gift of being able to share his soul. That gift is the foundation on which everything else about him is built, and it comes shining through in every song he sings.

For the past thirty years Johsmith has been sharing his music with audiences all across the United States, and abroad. In addition to being a past winner of the Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk award, Johnsmith has released four CDs to rave reviews from trade publications such as Dirty Linen, Performing Songwriter, and Sing Out! Magazines. But again, accolades, competitions and quotas are not what motivate Johnsmith. Music is simply his gift, and he feels compelled to share it. That means more than all the hype, any day.