The Coffee With Conscience Concert Series is located in Westfield NJ. Performances benefit local Northern NJ charities.

Justin Roth has stood out as a musician from a very early age.  A very determined and independent child, in the 3rd grade he declined an invitation to sing with the St. Croix Valley Boys Choir because he did not want to miss Saturday morning cartoons.  Since then, he has put that dedication to cartoons behind him and applied it to music.  We can all be glad for that.

As his audience has grown, Justin has shared the stage with many artists including: David Wilcox, Martin Sexton, Ellis Paul, Shawn Colvin, John Gorka among others.  After receiving a standing ovation at Swallow Hill Music Hall in Denver, CO while opening for Cheryl Wheeler and receiving an encore at Big Top Chautauqua in Bayfield, WI while opening for David Wilcox, Justin keeps winning audiences’ approval.  Repeat performances are a common occurrence, returning time and time again by request of not only the fans, but also the venues themselves.

“Justin Roth was a smash when he opened at The Ark for John Gorka last fall, selling out a big stack of CDs and nearly stealing the show.”
– The Ark, Ann Arbor, MI

Blending intricate guitar work, smooth vocal melodies and a groove, Justin offers up a rousing potpourri of new acoustic folk.   Knowing that he stands on shoulders of those who came before him, he’s been compared to the likes of Michael Hedges, David Wilcox, Martin Sexton and Willy Porter.  A fan once said that when Justin plays guitar, “it’s more than just an instrument but an extension of himself.”  Seeing him perform, you see what they mean.  Take an eye off him for a second, and you would swear that there were more instruments on stage.