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fair- trade-coffee-concert-series-prasada-rao-and-cary cooper

The Dreamsicles The Dreamsicles are Tom Prasada-Rao and Cary Cooper. Together they are the grooviest duo since Batman and Robin, Sonny and Cher, Bonnie and Clyde, pumpkin and pie!


Former subway musician Lipbone Redding revs up the party and makes lots of sounds with only his lips.
LipBone Redding It’s a human voice. Former subway musician Lipbone Redding revs up the party and makes lots of sounds with only his lips. 

fair-trade-coffee-concert-series-doris muramatsu-and-tylan-greenstein

Doris Muramatsu and Tylan Greenstein became best friends in second grade. The two met Nate Borofsky in college at a talent show, and since then they’ve been creating their own unique language of three-part harmony.


Scott E. Moore is a respected indie singer-songwriter and guitarist, known for his unique blend of soul, modern folk, jazzy-blues and Americana. He has been featured on public radio and toured throughout the US, earning a reputation as a “musician’s musician and a “songwriter’s songwriter.


Johnsmith was born in Dewitt, Iowa, where he shared his small town mid-western life (and house) with his two parents, and nine brothers and sisters. The experience of growing up in such a large family nurtured within him a keen awareness of the value of community, and, at the same time, the absolute necessity of solitude. The idea of ‘just being real’ is a prominent theme throughout his music. In addition to his incomparable musical abilities and finely tuned songwriting skills,...

fair-trade-coffee-concert-series-lucy kaplansky

Lucy Kaplansky, barely out of high school, took off for New York City. There she found a fertile community of songwriters and performers – Suzanne Vega, John Gorka, Bill Morrissey, Cliff Eberhardt, and others – where she fit right in.


Natalia attributes her rigorous work ethic, discipline and instrumental predisposition to her parents. The daughter of violinist/conductor Pinchas Zukerman and flutist/writer Eugenia Zukerman, Natalia grew up in Manhattan immersed in classical music

fair-trade-coffee-concert-series-greg greenway

Greg Greenway is a multi-faceted gem found beneath the radar of the corporate music world. A rare combination of instrumental expertise, a soulful and moving singer, powerful poet, and sparkling entertainer, Greenway is one of those difficult-to-categorize performers who has found a home in the modern acoustic genre


Story Hill is an acoustic/pop duo, less like Simon & Garfunkel and more like a male version of the Indigo Girls! They began in Bozeman, Montana, where Chris Cunningham and John Hermanson grew up and started performing together as teenagers.

fair-trade-coffee-concert-series-eric lowen-and-dan-navarro

For twenty years, Eric Lowen and Dan Navarro have written, recorded and toured for a growing national audience. Their nine CDs showcase self-penned songs of experience, colored by supple acoustic-based arrangements centered around their intertwined voices.