The Coffee With Conscience Concert Series is located in Westfield NJ. Performances benefit local Northern NJ charities.

Greg Tannen is the son of an amateur jazz pianist and the grandson of a magician. His music has “won more awards than his website has space to list, such is it’s quality” and with one listen, it’s easy to hear why. Besides a flood of wins in international songwriting competitions (John Lennon, UNISONG, USA, ISC), and in festivals (Sierra Songwriters, Telluride, Rocky Mountain Folks), Greg’s music can be heard on national TV, on national radio, and in award-winning films.

“Tannen’s music is accessible and catchy as hell, but he’s also incredibly perceptive in his concise and touching observations on the tiny moments that make life such a bittersweet little adventure.”    ~Performing Songwriter Magazine (Sep 2, 2005)

Greg Tannen is one of a seemingly lost generation of singer songwriters otherwise known as storytellers. His music is not only defined by the irresistible melodies and some great acoustic playing, but also by the journey his lyrical detail will take you on. Australian solo artist Paul Kelly and US legend Tom Petty are heavyweight examples to use in the same sentence, but Tannen has shades of both and a style uniquely his own.

Greg lives in Manhattan.

This clip is from November 8th, 2008. The Concert featured Jim Boggia and Greg Tannen on a Double Bill.